“Awesome” is a wonderful word. Unfortunately, its awesomeness has been eroded over the past few years by overuse. Can text analysis be the knight in shining armour that rescues poor, overused words from having the sharp edges of their meaning eroded by excessive use?

Of course it can.

Just ask Michael Thomas (not his real name). He loves the word “awesome,” almost as much as he loves “cool.” Have a look at this short piece of writing:

As soon as Michael finished his piece of writing, he was presented with this piece of data:

Writers young and old get caught up in their own vortex of over-used language. For me, as a writer of novels for young readers, the word I over-use is “very.” I use it very, very often.

Text analysis tools can provide painfully obvious insights into our tendencies as writers. Such feedback is incredibly valuable. Not only does it provide the writer with insights into their own writing, but it also provides teachers with clear areas that need to be addressed in instruction.

When students use Creative Online Writing (COW) by Alieo Games, after each session of writing, they will receive a powerful set of statistics that analyze many aspects of their writing. Just ask Michael. Given this feedback, teachers can focus their attention upon gearing instruction to specific needs of writers.

We think that’s very, very awesome.

Chris McMahen

Alieo Games