You’ve probably been visited by Writer’s Block. Most of us have. Writer’s Block causes us to act in one of two ways:

  1. You stare at a blank page, frozen with inaction.
  2. You actually write a few sentences or a even paragraph, then you stop and scrunch up your paper and toss it at the garbage can, or you lean on the delete key for a prolonged period of time.

At Alieo Games, we have made it our mission to rid the world of the tyranny of that nefarious, dastardly villain known to one and all as Writer’s Block. This Force of Frustration occasionally goes by other names: Creative Paralysis, Perfectionist Petrification, or I-Can’t-Think-of-Anything-To-Write-itis.

And how do we aim to give freedom to fluency? Let us first assure you, our plan does not require:

  1. super-powers,
  2. Nerf weaponry,
  3. or the periodic changing of wardrobe in phone booths.

Instead, we are employing our newest secret weapon known as COW (Creative Online Writing).

COW, a gamified writing app, will rid the world of writer’s block by transforming the act of writing in the following ways:

  1. Provide intriguing writing prompts that ignite the dormant powers of creativity.
  2. Bombastic Bonus Words that appear during the writing process to create cognitive dissonance and give a jolt to the imagination.
  3. Direct (in a diplomatic way) the writer to come up with a title for their piece after they’ve finished writing.
  4. Provide a waiting room for creativity’s wet blanket– perfectionism. Following the first draft of a story, the perfectionist (and non-perfectionist) can use COW’s editing function to correct and alter to their heart’s content.

At Alieo Games, we appreciate the challenges of this monumental task facing us. Writer’s Block has run rampant through school classrooms and across kitchen tables and homeworks desks of the world for generations. Yet, imaging a world where students see themselves as fluent writers withvaluable ideas to share makes our mission all the worthwhile.

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