It’s that time of the year to write a letter to Santa.  But with this writing challenge, how about writing a letter to Santa with a difference?


Write a letter to Santa as if it was composed by someone other than yourself. (If you’re a teacher, we recommend using the Christmas Bonus Word List found in the shared lists tab. Any word list will work, however.)  Choose a character from a book, movie, video game, an animal, an object, or any other character imaginable.  The sky’s the limit!  What would Cinderella write in a letter to Santa?  What sorts of presents would a penguin request?  What would a pet fish have to say to Santa?  Have fun with this, and let the imagination run wild!

When you’ve written your letter to Santa, read the letter to a friend or classmate, but don’t let them know who the imaginary letter is from.  After you’ve read your “Letter to Santa,” see if they can guess which character the letter is from.

Here’s an example.  Can you guess who this letter to Santa is from?

Dear Santa,

I have three requests for things you can send me.  But first, let me tell you, it’s been a very tough year. 

There was this kid named Jack.  Somehow, he got ahold of these magic beans and grew a beanstalk right up into my neighbourhood.  Then, the little rotter sneaked into my castle not once, not twice, but three times!  And each time, as I digested my meal of boiled, roasted or baked boy, I dozed off, and the little rotter stole my most valuable possessions (except for my My Little Pony collection when never gets out of the locked cupboard.)  And the last time, I tried chasing him down the beanstalk, but he chopped it down when I was only half way down!  (Lucky I was wearing my parachute.)

So, for this Christmas, please bring me a replacement hen that lays golden eggs, a magical harp and a bag of gold.  Also, please bring me a very tall ladder so I can climb back up into the clouds and return home. 


Your pal,