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COW’s Meteoric Journey Guided by Students and Teachers

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At the Calgary Teacher’s Convention on February 12th and 13th, a comment we often heard at the Alieo Games booth was, “We’ve never heard of you.”

There’s a good reason for this.  As recently as the fall of 2014, COW was nothing more than the snap of a synapse, the drumming of a dendrite, and the inkling of an idea.  Over the ensuing eighteen months, COW has been on a warp-speed journey of epic proportions.  Thanks to the insightful suggestions of countless teachers and students, COW has undergone dramatic transformations to arrive at the product you see today.

At Alieo Games, we are committed to creating a writing experience that is playfully engaging, creatively challenging and a valuable tool for the development of literacy.  We’re excited by the positive feedback we’ve been receiving from students, teachers, parents and school administrators.

COW’s Journey Continues

We are in a constant state of reviewing, enhancing, upgrading, and streamlining COW to benefit our student and teacher users.  Any feedback you can provide to us on the COW experience will be warmly received.  Please contact us if you have any thoughts on COW.

We look forward to meeting teachers at the Greater Edmonton Teacher Convention on February 26th and 27th.  Please stop by for a chat, give COW a try, and be sure to enter our draw for prizes that are nothing short of fabulous!

Disaster in the Kitchen Another visual prompt



Before you write using this visual prompt, think about these questions:

1.  Who made this mess?  Was it you, someone you know, or a fictional character?  Did the mess go beyond the kitchen sink area?

2.  What wild recipe was being made?  What were the ingredients?  Were there any strange techniques used to make this recipe?

3.  How did the recipe turn out?  How did it taste?  Was it for a special occasion?  Were there any strange results when people ate it?

4.  What happened in the next few minutes after this picture was taken?


Noodling, Doodling, and Moodling Musicians noodle. Artists doodle. What about writers?

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The sketchbook is the visual artist’s close companion.  It’s a place to experiment, plan, record, and play with creating images.  There is, however, no expectation that each and every drawing will become a finished painting.


How many melodies have been discovered while a musician is engaged in aimless musical improvisation, or noodling?  As with the artist’s sketchbook, a musician’s noodling is a time of playful creativity with an unstructured freedom to explore without expectations.


COW (Creative Online Writing) is the writer’s version of doodling and noodling.  Writers engage in a playfully creative exploration of language, narrative, and personal expression.  As with the artist’s sketchbook or the musician’s session of noodling, when a student writes with COW, each piece of writing is not intended to lead to a finished product.

Through the course of using COW, students build up a collection of writings.  Just as an artist’s sketch may inspire a painting, or a musician’s noodling may inspire a song, writings in COW can inspire a young author to take a piece of writing and refine it into a finished product.

Call it free writing, word improvisation, or moodling, this stage of the writing process is essential in the development of all writers.


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