An important part of improving writing is to write as often as possible. Many writers have a rule that they write every day. Here’s a writing challenge that encourages students to develop the daily writing habit.

This writing challenge will take a number of days to complete. In fact, eager writers will NEVER finish this challenge. Here’s why:

Students are challenged to write at least 100 words a day (or the teacher can set a higher total) for as many days in a row as they can.

Here’s the Challenge

  1. In your Bonus Word List Manager, go to the Shared tab and copy over the “Numbers” Bonus Word List. You may want to add some of your own Mathematics vocabulary words to the list. Be sure to assign the list to your class. 
  2. Writers begin their writing streak with their first story, using the Numbers Bonus Word list. They are to begin their first story with the word, “One . . .”
  3. On the second day of writing, students are to begin their story with the word, “Two . . .”
  4. On the third day of writing, students are to begin their story with (you guessed it), the word “Three . . .” and so on until they miss a day.

You can keep a chart of the wall of student writing streaks. Who can write for the greatest number of days in a row?