This is a writing challenge with a difference. Rather than giving you a prompt to start your writing, instead, we are giving you the ending of your story. Yes, the ending. (Actually, we’re giving you five endings to choose from.)

Here’s how the Five Endings in Search of a Story Writing Challenge works. Choose an ending for your story. The challenging part is to write your story so that it leads to the ending you have chosen. Think carefully of the events, characters and settings you will need in your story to arrive at your chosen ending.

Of course, as you write, bonus words will be flying your way. Further adding to the challenge will be including these bonus words into your story as it progresses toward your ending. To succeed in this writing challenge, you will need to muster every ounce of creativity you possess! As always, remember to have fun while you write.

Four easy steps for the Five Endings in Search of a Story Writing Challenge:

  1. Choose the Alieo bonus word list.
  2. You can choose to start your story with a blank page, OR, if you are really daring, ask for a prompt. (Can you start with a given prompt AND write a story that arrives at one of the five endings?)
  3. Choose one of the five endings from the list below:

    Five Endings in Search of a Story

    1. From that day forward, it was against the rules to bring a live rattlesnake to school.
    2. Only after Dave had finished the entire cake did Sarah tell him about the dead mouse.
    3. The next day, the king declared a new law: Kangaroos were forbidden to be kept as pets!
    4. Riley knew she had won the argument when she saw the house go up in flames.
    5. “Well, we certainly won’t do that again,” Robby said, as he pulled his leg out of the mouth of the dead crocodile. 
  4. Now, go ahead and write!