Every May and June, teachers witness the onset of a condition that is wide-spread throughout the student population:  Year-end Woolgathering.  The symptoms include staring out the window, imagining themselves in the warm sunshine, and attempting to calculate the number of minutes of class time remaining until summer holidays.

Yes, thanks to Year-end Woolgathering, May and June can be the most challenging months for motivating students to remain engaged and academically focused.

To help teachers find a cure for Year-end Woolgathering, Alieo Games is offering our writing app COW at a 60% discount to teachers and their classes.

The gamified learning environment, combined with a number of writing challenges and visual prompts provided through our blog, will keep students engaged with writing through the most advanced cases of Year-end Woolgathering. Their writing will also provide teachers with a number of writing samples to draw upon for year-end assessment.

In addition, students can continue to use COW throughout the summer holidays from home, helping to fend off another dreaded condition:  the Summer Slump.

If you are interested in using COW with your students, please head back to our website. When you purchase your license, use the code ALIEO60 to receive your 60% discount, and may Year-end Woolgathering be eradicated from your classroom!