I remember this spy movie where the hero was blindfolded and taken through a city in a car. Later in the movie, he’d escaped, but was trying retrace his trip and find out where the bad guys were hiding out. How did he do this? He tried to recall the distinct sounds he heard during his drive through the city. For example, there was the sound of church bells, the hum of car tires crossing a bridge, water cascading in a fountain, and so on. Each sound represented a landmark along the route of his blindfolded drive.

For this writing challenge, you are to attempt to use sounds words in describing a setting. Imagine that you are walking through an old building in the pitch black darkness. Describe the sounds you hear– the sounds of the different types of floors you walk over, objects you bump into that clang and smash, and maybe the presence of other creatures. Your goal is to create a soundscape that allows your reader to create a picture in their mind of this building from the sounds you provide. Here’s an example:

You push your hand forward and hear the creak of the hinges of a door as it swings open and thumps against the wall. As you step through the door’s opening, you hear the squeak of the wooden floorboards under your feet with each step. The wind howls in a sudden gust, and you hear a BANG as the door slams shut.

You’ll notice this was written in the second person. This serves to pull the reader right into the story as if they were there.

Here’s a summary of this writing challenge:

  1. Use the Alieo Bonus Word list.
  2. Start a new story. Instead of using an existing prompt, begin with the first thing you do as you enter the building. (See the example above.)
  3. Describe as many things in the building as you can by using sound descriptions.
  4. When you’ve finished writing your story, check the stats page to see how many sound words you’ve used.