In our last Five Senses Writing Challenge, we asked you to imagine walking through an old building (it could be a house) in pitch black darkness. We asked you to describe the sounds you heard. 

For this writing challenge, imagine you are feeling your way through the darkness. (For example, your hand runs along a smooth wall before running into the sharp corner of a fireplace brick.) Describe the textures and shapes you feel as you make your way across a room or through a house.  Do you encounter anything unexpected? Something furry? Something slimy? Something wet? Can you tell what it is?

Once you’ve written your story, check out the stats page and the “Sense Words” pie chart to see how many touch words you have used.

Here’s a summary of this writing challenge:

  1. Use the Alieo Bonus Word list.
  2. Start a new story. Begin with no prompt. Start your description by feeling your way through the front door.
  3. Describe as many things in the building as you can by using descriptions of touch.
  4. When you’ve finished writing your story, check the stats page to see how many “touch” words you have used.