There are no definitive rules for how to ignite the creative process that work for everyone.  This certainly applies to writing.  The process of becoming a writer involves discovering which approaches to the writing process actually work for you. 

For example, some writers begin by spending a great amount of time developing characters and outlining plots before even writing one word of a story.   Conversely, some writers fly by the seat of their proverbial pants, inventing characters and developing the plot as they write.  For many writers, their approach falls somewhere between these two extremes.

Rather than attempt to come up with a definitive list of “Seven Steps to Becoming a Great Writer,” it’s helpful to examine habits and approaches of other writers.  As an emerging writer, it’s worth trying some of these approaches out to discover what works or doesn’t work for you.

Here is a wonderful article titled, “9 Weird Habits That Famous Writers Formed to Write Better.”  You may want to try some of these habits out.  Some of the habits are pretty quirky . . . but then, many writers are considered quirky people.  Who said quirkiness is a bad thing?