Tortoises challenging hares to races…

Mice saving lions…

Wolves in sheep’s clothing… 

Just some of the well-known fables by Aesop.  Fables are a unique story form that are generally characterized by:

  1. being short stories
  2. involving animals acting like humans
  3. concluding with a moral

Some well-know morals from Aesop’s Fables include:

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

“Little friends may become great friends.”

“Appearances are often deceiving.”

In this writing challenge, we’d like you to create your own original fable.  To make this even more challenging, we’re giving you a moral.  Your fable should teach a lesson that concludes with this moral:

Two heads are better than one.

Here are the steps for this writing challenge:

  1. Use the Alieo Bonus Word List.
  2. Do not use a prompt to start your fable (unless you want to make it extra challenging).
  3. Write your fable, and conclude it with the moral, “Two heads are better than one.”

Go ahead.  Get writing and become a modern-day Aesop!