One of the exciting new features of COW 2.0 is the Writing Challenge. Writing Challenges are intended to direct students to write on a specific theme or topic. Each Writing Challenge may include a specific prompt and related bonus word list. To get an idea of specific examples of Writing Challenges, check out our blog for Writing Challenges presented over the past few months.

There will be two types of Writing Challenges:

  1. Alieo’s Writing Challenges. These are weekly writing challenges that appear automatically on a student’s writing page (the yellow button). If they choose, teachers can make these Writing Challenges a weekly assignment.
  2. Teacher-created Writing Challenges. Teachers now have the ability to create and assign their own Writing Challenges that cater to a specific instructional need. For example, a teacher may wish to create Writing Challenges on the Solar System to complement a science unit.

Writing Challenges, either Alieo’s Writing Challenges or Teacher-created Writing Challenges, enable teachers to have their students engage in a wide variety of writing experiences, and ones that integrate into a variety of curriculum areas.