A Fractured Fairy Tale is where you put a new spin on an old Classic Fairy Tales.  Think– “Little Green Riding Hood” where grandma eats the wolf.  Or, “Jennifer and the Beanstalk” where an ostrich lays golden eggs.

That’s what Fractured Fairy Tales are all about– a new twist on an old familiar tale. In this writing challenge, we are asking you to choose a familiar Classic Fairy Tale then throw in a twist or two or more. The result will be an oddly familiar, yet strangely original story.

Before you begin your Fractured Fairy Tale, let’s look back at the common elements of Classic Fairy Tales.

  1. Fairy tales do not need to include fairies.
  2. They are set in the distant past.
  3. They include supernatural, make-believe or fantasy elements like magic.
  4. There are clearly defined good characters and bad characters.
  5. Things usually happen in threes.
  6. The plot involves a problem or conflict that needs to be solved.
  7. The ending solves the conflict and is usually happy.
  8. The tale teaches some sort of lesson or demonstrates an important point.

Remember, this is a Fractured Fairy Tale, so some of the rules above don’t need to apply– particularly rules #2 and #4.  (And . . . yes. unlike the Classic Fairy Tale, your fractured fairy tale can include a ninja.)

Finally, for your opening prompt, don’t be afraid to use, “Once upon a time . . .”  This will lull your reader into thinking they are about to read a Classic Fairy Tale until you surprise them with a twist.