This week’s Alieo Writing Challenge  is “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” with a twist.  We’re asking writers to get creative and imagine the most incredible summer vacation ever.  Here’s the twist– only one part of their story must be true.  The rest can come from their imagination.  Can they make it really difficult for their readers to tell which part of their story is true? 

After your students have written this week’s Alieo Writing Challenge, here’s a classroom extension activity to further engage the class as writers share their work.

As each student reads their piece of writing, have the rest of the class listen carefully.  Their job as listeners is to attempt to determine the facts from the fiction.  After each student has read their piece of writing, have the students guess which part of the story was fact and which was fiction.

An alternative approach is to have the students read each story on the Class Bookshelf.  They then write down one part of each story which they think is factual.  The culmination of this activity is to have each writer reveal to the rest of the class which part of their writing was fact.

It never hurts to have some fun while turning your students into motivated writers!