Over the past three blog posts, a number of new features of COW 2.0 have been highlighted.  But there’s more!  Many, many more!

  We’ve streamlined the method of setting up student accounts.

•  Passwords are auto-generated for increased security.

•  Teachers have the option to pre-approve student writing posted to the class bookshelf.

•  Teachers can now make a comment on a student’s story.  In turn, the student can reply to the comment.

•  The Editing Mode has been greatly improved by providing statistical feedback to students upon completion of revised writing.

•  We’ve improved the calculation and display of writing statistics to provide more meaningful feedback to students and teachers.


Every new feature in COW 2.0 is intended to achieve our fundamental goals of:

1.  increasing motivation for students to write more words more frequently.

2.  giving teachers additional tools to enhance instruction in writing.

Yes, we really do feel that COW 2.0 has jumped over the moon.