Pitter patter, pitter patter, pitter patter.  This is the sound of young writers as they head to their keyboard and hoot with joy as they thump those keys to work on this week’s Alieo Writing Challenge.

 The theme of this week’s challenge is the onomatopoeia.

Crunch.  Gurgle.  Mumble.  Munch.  Rumble.  Swoosh.  Thud.

Students will not only be incorporating bonus words into their writing this week, they’ll also be incorporating sound effects.  Their creativity will be stretched to the limit as they attempt to weave squawks, jangles, howls, chirps, splatters and zooms into their writing.

This writing challenge certainly lends itself to very entertaining sharing sessions with the class.  Here are some ideas for how to make your sharing sessions wildly entertaining:

1.  Get Dramatic

As they share their story, when a student reads a sound effect word, encourage them to get dramatic!  Instead of just reading “bump,” read it like, “BUMP!” This is a great way to combine drama with reading a story aloud.

2.  Encourage Audience Participation

Another way to present a story is to make up signs for each of the sound effect words.  So, for example, when a student gets to the word woof in their story, they hold up the sign and everyone listening to the story joins in by making the sound effect.

3.  Become a Foley Artist

Look around for objects that make sounds similar to the sound effect words in the stories.  For example, for boom, find a large bucket and bang it with a fist.  For pop, you could find a plastic bag or even a balloon.  As students read their story, instead of reading the word, make the sound effect with the objects.

With a whoosh, a vroom, and a squelch, get those creative minds snapping!