As mentioned in the blog post on August 31st, taking the time in class to have students share their writing orally can pay long-term dividends in terms of student motivation. For some students, having a “stage” upon which to share their writing face to face with their peers can prove highly motivating. Of course, there is the flip side.  Some students are reluctant to read their work, finding such an experience to be intimidating.

When having a class sharing session of student writing, giving options increases the likelihood that such an experience will prove motivating.  Here are some options students can be given:

  1. To read their own story out loud themselves.
  2. To have someone else read their story (either the teacher or another student).
  3. To not read their story.

Students reluctant to share at first often, over time, gain confidence and become comfortable with sharing in class. Of course, a supportive, positive environment in the classroom is a given!