In a blog post last week, the benefits of having students read their writing to an audience was discussed.  There are other great spin-off benefits of reading a story aloud, adding further value to this activity.

So often, when a writer reads their story aloud, they pick up grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and other aspects of their writing which are not apparent when the writing is read silently.

The Writer’s Mumble is an editing technique in which students read over their own writing in a low, mumbling voice.  Simply by reading their writing aloud, many errors or weaknesses can be picked up.  The whole point of the mumble is that an entire class can read at the same time to themselves without the noise level reaching ear-splitting levels.  Students can use the Writer’s Mumble when reviewing their writing in COW’s Edit Mode.

So, next writing class, tell your students to mumble away!