When starting a writing session, how many times have teachers been asked, “How much do I have to write?” If you’d asked Ernest Hemingway, his answer would have been to write a minimum of five hundred words a day.  For Jack London, his goal was a thousand words.  Stephen King?  Ten pages.

Concrete writing goals are useful for all writers, be they accomplished or just starting to learn the craft.  The reason?  The most difficult part of writing for many writers is just getting started.  Like a runner who finds the first mile difficult before they catch their “second wind,” writers also have to overcome their initial creative sluggishness before they get rolling and write with fluency.  Having a concrete word goal to work towards helps the writer push through this initial stage of writing lethargy.

COW’s Writing Session Word Goal

In each writing session with COW, students are given an incentive to write a minimum number of one words.  The default setting is one hundred words.  By writing at least one hundred words, students will be awarded Alieo Credits for that piece of writing.

The Writing Session Word Goal also discourages students from starting a piece of writing and abandoning it prematurely before the narrative can be fully developed.  COW encourages students to develop a “stick-to-itiveness” with their writing.

Meeting Individual Student Needs

To meet the individual needs of your students, teachers have the ability within COW to change the Writing Session Word goal for individuals.  If you deem the one hundred word minimum to be too high for some of your students, you have the ability to reduce that number.  Conversely, teachers can raise that number if they feel students need to be challenged further.

How to Change the Minimum Word Goal in COW

1.  Select My Classes in the navigation bar.

2.  Select the class from the teacher dashboard.

3.  Select Settings

4.  Under the column Word Goal, makes changes to students.