In this week’s COW Writing Challenge, students are asked to think of two creatures they would like to cross.

Maybe they’d like to cross a rattlesnake with a kangaroo (a rattleroo?), or an owl and a crocodile (a crocohoot?)

The creatures they choose are left completely up to their imagination.  They may even wish to choose mythical creatures, or creatures that are extinct, such as crossing a dinosaur and a unicorn (a tyranicorn?)

Once they have chosen their crossed creature, they are to write about it, considering the following:

1.  What is its name?

2.  What does it look like?  Describe the characteristics of each crossed creature that the newly created creature possesses.  (For example, a rattleroo hops on two powerful legs, rattles its gigantic tail, and has a deadly venomous bite.)

3.  Where does it live?  Describe its habitat.  How do its unique combination of characteristics suit this particular habitat?

4.  Does it have enemies? What is its prey?

5.  How does it obtain its food?  What other things does it eat?  Where does it fit on the food chain?

6.  What sound does it make?

7.  Does it have any unusual behaviours?

8.  How would it interact with humans?

An extension activity for this writing challenge would be to have the students draw an illustration of their crossed creature in its habitat.

As for crossed creatures, how about crossing a COW with an alien?  What would that strange creature be called?