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Did you miss the starting gun for NaNoCOWMoo?  It’s already a few days into November, and maybe you haven’t started your class on theNaNoCOWMoo writing challenge.

No problem!

It’s never too late to start.  Here are some ways you can still participate in NaNoCOWMoo:

1.  Recalibrate your weekly writing goals.  Instead of shooting for 12,500 words a week, just bump up your class’s goal to 17,000.  I know this sounds like a lot, but kids love challenges!  So do teachers!

2.  Encourage your students to do extra writing at home in the evenings or on the weekend.  Let parents know about your class NaNoCOWMoo goal, and encourage them to give their kids a little extra time to write each night.

3.  Check the NaNoCOWMoo leader board on the main page.  See how many words your class needs to write to appear on the NaNoCOWMoo leader board.  Sure, they may have gotten off to a late start, but don’t let that stop them.

Your class can be just like the hare in the Aesop Fable about the race between the tortoise and the hare, except . . .

. . .the hare shows up late for the race, and the tortoise already has a head start,

. . . the hare doesn’t stop to take a nap.

. . . the hare wins!

The new moral of the story is:  It’s never too late to start!