giantbubbleThis week’s COW Writing Challenge is a visual prompt  with a difference.  Writers are asked to imagine that what they see in this photograph is not a bubble.  So, if it’s not a bubble, then what is it?

A pre-writing brainstorming activity with the whole class asking the question, “If it’s not a bubble, then what is it?” should give the students plenty of ideas for their writing.

Another great way to get their imaginations going is to have a session of bubble blowing.  (Or, should that be, giant not-bubble blowing!)  As each bubble floats into the air, imagine what this strange thing could be (if it wasn’t a bubble!)

If you want to blow GIANT bubbles, here’s a great recipe for an amazing bubble blowing solution.  Have fun!

If you do make some of your own GIANT bubbles, please send us some photos!