In this week’s COW Writing Challenge, students are given an opportunity to use their creativity in writing a report card.

Every few months, students read a report written about them by their teachers.  Here’s a chance for students to step into the shoes of a teacher, and write their own report cards.   While they write, report card terms will pop up as bonus words.

There are a number of options for completing this writing challenge:

1.  The student can write about themselves in a realistic way, self-evaluating their performance in class.

2.  They can write their “dream” report card, imagining the greatest report card comments in history.

3.  Conversely, they can write their “nightmare” report card– the worst report card ever received.

4.  They can choose to write the report card about a fictional character.  Maybe they can choose a character from a book, movie or video game, and write a report card for them.

5.  How about writing a report card for a figure from history?  This may require some research, but writing a report card would be an interesting way of integrating historical facts into a piece of writing.

If you have used this writing challenge with your class, we’d love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment below.