In this week’s COW Writing Challenge, students are asked to write a letter with a difference.  It’s a letter to themselves from someone else.

The letter can be from a character in a book, movie or game.  Maybe the letter will be from one of their pets.  Or how about their avatar, or even an object?

What would Cinderella write in a letter to them?  Or a penguin?  Or the table in their kitchen?  The sky’s the limit!

After completing the writing challenge, the class can play the “Letter to Me Guessing Game.”  Students can read their “Letter to Me,” then, the rest of the class can try to guess who the letter is from.

Here’s an example of the beginning of a letter.  Can you guess who it is from?

Dear Alieo,

I’m sorry I haven’t been at school lately because I’ve been very busy.  We were out of money, so Mom asked me to sell the cow.  You wouldn’t believe what happened, though.  I met this amazingly weird guy on the road who offered to trade me our cow for some magic beans.  Sounded like a fair deal to me!

Remember that science experiment we did last year when we were trying to grow those bean plants in your basement?  Well, you wouldn’t believe these beans.  We should have used these beans for our science experiment!  About twelve hours after I planted these beans (Actually, I didn’t plant them, but I won’t get into details.  It’s a long story) the bean plant shot up like you wouldn’t believe.

You know how we went to the climbing gym last week?  I put those skills to good use by climbing this giant beanstalk.  Yes, it was THAT big!  I should have brought an oxygen mask . . .