With the holiday season approaching, this week’s writing challenge is all about writing a Holiday Adventure. 

Students will be given the prompt:  “It was the first day of holidays and . . .”  

Holiday stories often fall into the realm of predictable storylines.  For example, there are numerous stories about Santa dealing with some obstacle to delivering the presents on Christmas Eve due to illness, a broken sleigh, a foggy night.  This writing challenge presents students with a challenge to write a truly original holiday story.  Which twists and turns could an original holiday story take?

Many story plots revolve around a main character facing a problem.  It may be helpful to hold a brainstorming session before the writing challenge, asking students to come up with a list of potential problems around the theme of the holidays.  The problems could centre around preparations for the holidays at home, or maybe about the trials and tribulations faced by characters associated with the holiday season.

Having a list of potential plots before writing will give students the confidence to forge ahead with this writing challenge.  Some may choose to go their own way, and come up with their own original holiday story plot.  At least, we ho-ho-hope so!