‘Tis the holiday season!  This weeks COW Writing Challenge has our young writers (and some old ones, too) writing a story about the holiday’s best of times or the worst of times.  They are challenged to write about the very best holiday season imaginable OR the very worst holiday season in history.  The prompt for this writing challenge is, “It was a holiday season I’ll never forget . . .

What would happen to make a holiday season the best one ever?  What amazing events would occur?  What spectacular surprises would be in store?  Think big!  Think epic!  The only limit is the imagination.

Conversely, what would happen to make a holiday season the worst one ever?  What really unfortunate events would occur?  What big disappointments would be in store?  Think terrible!  Think catastrophic!  The only limit is the imagination.

Of course, we hope everyone has a holiday season that falls into the “Best Ever” category!