For this week’s COW Writing Challenge, students are presented with this image, plus the prompt, “There’s a long story behind how this car ended up in the middle of a forest.  It all began . . .”

For this writing challenge, students are asked to imagine the events leading up to an ending.  This forces the writer to think very differently about their story as they write toward a fixed ending.  Aspects of the final outcome are woven into the plot of the story.  In preparation for this writing challenge, have students think about the following aspects of the final outcome to this story:

How did the car end up in the middle of a forest?  Was this the result of a car chase?  A failed invention?  A horribly wrong turn?

Why is it upside down?

How long has it been here?

Who was the owner of the car?  Was this person also the driver?

Is there a secret behind this car that you can reveal to your reader?

A follow-up activity is to have students share their versions of “How Did It Get Here?”  Everyone will be amazed at the many different stories behind this mysterious car.