We missed it again!  That’s because we’re humans.  In the canine world, Feb. 23rd, never goes by unnoticed.

Why?  It’s International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, of course!

This week’s COW Writing Challenge is our attempt to bring human attention to this big day in the canine world.

Students are asked to imagine a dog eating a magical dog biscuit.  They then are asked to write about what happens next.  Think about the following questions before writing:

1.  What does the magical dog biscuit enable the dog to do?

2.  Where did this magical dog biscuit come from?  Who made it?

3.  How did it get fed to the dog?

4.  What was the secret magical ingredient?

5.  What are the consequences of this dog’s new ability?  How does life change for those around the dog?

6.  Is there an antidote to this magical dog biscuit?

Students may choose to complete this writing challenge in a narrative, story-telling form, or maybe they’ll write it up as a newspaper article.

Whichever way they choose to complete this writing challenge, just make sure you keep the doors locked in case any talking dogs wander into the class and disrupt your students’ chain of thoughts!