parking_monster (1)


This week’s COW Writing Challenge is a visual prompt coupled with the written prompt: “Your family returns  to the parking lot to discover your car has been . . .”

At the centre of this writing challenge is the “monster” pictured at the foot of the parking spot where your car was parked.  This writing challenge offers a great opportunity for your students to explore “the unexpected” in terms of character and plot development.

When examining this picture, the first thought is that this “monster” ate your car.  If it did, consider this:

Maybe it had a good reason.  If so, what would that reason be?

Maybe it actually helped you and your family by swallowing your car.  If so, how could this be?

Maybe the monster didn’t actually eat your car.  Was he a witness to something else that may have happened?

Based on the answers to these questions, how will the story unfold?  Will you get the car back?  Will there be some other surprising outcome? 

Great writers surprise their readers.  Challenge your students to come up with twists and turns for this writing challenge that will be give their readers an unexpected fictional journey.