Everyone loves April Fools’ Day! (Don’t they?) Well, writers certainly do, as there’s nothing funnier than writing about a wild prank. (Isn’t there?) In honour of April Fools’ Day, here’s a COW Writing Challenge to get those creative ideas flowing.

Instead of writing from the point of view of the prankster, students are challenged to write from the point of view of the person who got pranked. (Prankster versus Prankee?)

The written prompt for this writing challenge is:  The week leading up to April 1st was the worst week of my life! It began on Monday, when…

Students are then challenged to write about a series of pranks in which they were the victim.  Of course, the story could take a twist.  Does the prankee turn into the prankster?

To make things even more interesting, along with this prompt, students will be continually inspired by an April Fools’ bonus word list.

We hope our writers will fool their audience with some prankish twists and turns in their writing!