One day, you hear a knock at your door.  Before opening the door, you look through the peep hole in the door.  This is what you see . . .

Pig at Door


For this week’s COW Writing Challenge, the students are asked to tell us what will happen next.  There are all kinds of possibilities.  Before writing, students can explore the possibilities by thinking over the following questions:

1.  What happens if you open the door?

2.  If you decide not to open the door, you know this pig will not go away easily.  (A role reversal of the Three Little Pigs?)

3.  Is it you that is answering the door, or is it another creature or character?  Maybe a wolf?

4.  Does the creature you see through the peep hole turn out to be something unexpected?  Could it actually be a door-knocking puppeteer?

Challenge the students to write a story which has all sorts of unexpected twists and turns in the plot.  Even looking through the peep hole in a front door, things are never what they appear at first glance!