In this week’s COW Writing Challenge, we are asking students to look ahead into their future.  What will your life be like in twenty years?

One way of approaching this is to have a question-answer format in which the student of today is asking questions of themselves in twenty years.

For example:

Me Today:  Do you have a car?

Me in Twenty years:  Yes.  I have a solar-powered self-flying car.

Me Today:  Where do you live?

Me in Twenty years:  I live on a space station on Mars.  I’ve lived there for three years, but in six months, I get beamed back down to Earth for a holiday.

Me Today:  What job do you do?

Me in Twenty Years:  I am an Alien Ambassador, making sure Earthlings and alien life forms get along with each other.

Before you do this writing challenge with your students, have a brainstorming session in which students come up with a list of questions they’d like to ask themselves in the future.  What details of their lives would they like to know?

This is a good opportunity to explore the different kinds of questions they can ask– Close Ended questions (answered with a ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ or one word answer.) versus Open Ended questions (in which the person gives more of a lengthy, thoughtful answer).